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Set research and development, production and sales of synchronous pulley, synchronous belt, expansion sleeve, coupling as one of the enterprises
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       SUNINC Company - --- China's professional mechanical transmission products (synchronous pulley, synchronous belt, expansion sleeve, coupling) package manufacturers!
       Richang's ideal is to become an influential manufacturer of transmission product package in China. In ten years, we have helped thousands of enterprises in the mechanical automation equipment industry to apply our high-quality transmission product package.

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    Ten years'experience creates quality

    Quality makes a brand, Seiko achieves brilliant achievements; people-oriented, honest management, homogeneous price, quality at the same price.

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    Professional Design Concept

    After receiving customers'business needs, the first thing is to communicate with customers and understand their specific requirements.

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    Win infinite business opportunities of logistics socialization with high quality service, and open up a brand-new mode of machinery and equipment industry with service innovation.

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    Our products are sold nationwide and globally, and our industrial base has developed well.

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    We produce transmission parts with high market performance and price, and have a complete set of solutions to win the praise of our customers.

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Create the leading and best-selling international brand of mechanical equipment transmission parts in China
Richang Machinery Manufacturing is a manufacturing enterprise which integrates R&D, production and sales of mechanical transmission parts. Advanced production equipment, perfect testing means, strict quality management, according to the needs of different customers to design and manufacture special specifications of products.
In recent years, the company has always adhered to the development and construction of "people-oriented, honest management, homogeneous price, quality at the same price", striving to provide customers with the best transmission products.

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  • The 2018 Guangdong International Robot and Intelligent Equipment Exposition has come to a successful conclusion


    Guangdong International Robot and Intelligent Equipment Expo was successfully held in Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 27 to 30. It takes a lot of energy and time to attend the exhibition, but it is more pleasant to gain the recognition of customers than to spend…

  • Guangzhou SUNINC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


    SUNINC Company - --- China's professional mechanical transmission products (synchronous pulley, synchronous belt, expansion sleeve, coupling) package manufacturers! SUNINC's ideal is to become an influential manufacturer of transmission product package in China. In ten years, we have helped thousan…

  • Craftsman Spirit: Things are not delayed, words are not much


    No delay: it's easy to be diligent all over the world All the talented people in the world are defeated with arrogant words, and all the mediocre people in the world are defeated with lazy words. Most people are mediocre all their lives because they are lazy. Mei Lanfang had mediocre qualification…

  • Looking Back to 18, Looking Forward to 19-A Journey to the Annual Conference


    New Year's Day, ushered in Nichang Machinery Enterprise "Annual Meeting Tour" grand event - Qingyuan Annual Meeting Tour Annual meeting trilogy, the first day of the tourist attractions and local food tasting; the second day of team building and development and team activities training; the third d…

  • Standardization of synchronous pulley sprocket


    Our country has been using the three-arc straight-line tooth profile of the former Soviet Union and Europe, although the transmission performance is good, but the design and manufacture are relatively complex. The involute tooth shape of 30 degree pressure angle is called HV chain drive, which has g…

  • Selection of synchronous pulley


    Synchronized belt drive is a kind of meshing transmission between belt teeth and belt gear slots. Compared with gear meshing transmission, it also has the advantages of uniform instantaneous speed (i.e., good synchronization) and high transmission efficiency, but it has the advantages of larger spee…

  • Synchronized pulley reduces machine tool noise


    Noise plays an important role in evaluating the performance of machine tools. High torque arc synchronous belt drive is the main drive of modern NC machine tools. So how to control the noise of machine tools under the condition of high speed transmission? Reducing the noise of machine tools mainly …

  • Cause Analysis of Plum Blossom Coupling Failure


    1. Lifting accessories coupling oil shortage or lack. Or improper use of grease, resulting in calcification of grease, resulting in non-lubrication between the tooth surfaces of Plum Blossom Elastic Couplings, or poor lubrication, resulting in serious wear of the tooth surfaces. This situation can b…

  • Size Standard of Coupling


    In the structural design and series design of various coupling forms, the maximum and minimum range of shaft holes and the length of shaft holes are determined according to the magnitude of transmission torque, the structure of coupling and the contour strength.

  • Reasons and Countermeasures for wear and tear of rubber backing


    Reason: 1. Misalignment of external tensioner. 2. Meets the mechanical frame. 3. Long-term low temperature shape energy. Countermeasures: 1. Modify the position of the tensioner. 2. Check and correct the mechanical parts. 3. Improving environmental temperature.

  • Reasons and Countermeasures for seemingly elongated


    Reason: 1. The distance between axes is short. 2. The material of pulley is soft. Countermeasures: 1. Adjust the distance between the axles and reinforce the bearing support points. 2. Rigid material is used to harden the surface of the pulley.

  • Reasons and Countermeasures for softening of rubber backing


    Reason: 1. High temperature. 2. The tension wheel stops running. 3. Contaminate with oil. Countermeasures: 1. Improving environmental temperature. 2. Check and adjust the tension wheel. 3. Do not stick oil or change oil-resistant belt.

  • Causes and Countermeasures of wear of pulley teeth


    Reason: 1. Overload. 2. The tension of the belt is too large. 3. The material of the pulley is not good. 4. Added abrasive dust. Countermeasures: 1. Check the design. 2. Reduce the tension force. 3. Harden the surface of the material with high hardness. 4. Improve the environment and increa…

  • Reasons and Countermeasures for high noise during operation


    Reason: 1. The belt tension is too large. 2. Parallel misalignment of two axes. 3. The width of the belt is larger than the diameter of the pulley. 4. Overload. 5. Bad meshing between belt and pulley. Countermeasures: 1. Reduce the tension force (no teeth skipping is allowed) 2. Adjust the p…

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